Customer Tracker

Hi Rasa Team,

Have created a custom tracker python module and keep the required sql tracker only 1 class.

tracker_store: type: “C:/Users/Edukondalu_Konakanch/Desktop/vip4/pcf_deploymentmyTracker.SQLTrackerStore” dialect: “postgresql” # the dialect used to interact with the db url: “host”

getting an error : type not found.

kindly help on it.

I think type field should be the python path to the module, not the file path. So you’ll need to make sure the module is available to python, and then the value would be the thing you import, eg if you can do import pcf_deploymentmyTracker.SQLTrackerStore, then you should be able to do type: pcf_deploymentmyTracker.SQLTrackerStore

In endpoints yml, I think that we can’t do import statement.

Yes, I’m not saying to do an import statement, I’m saying the value of type needs to be something that would work as a python import statement