Custom Tracker to save conversation history into Firebase Firestore

Custom Tracker to save conversation history into Firebase Firestore

Hey,I have found a solution to save all the conversation history into the Firebase FireStore Database. This custom tracker can save all the conversations into the Firestore database. I followed the same logic of InMemoryTracker to implement this.

How I did?

  1. First I have Checked this forum Help-with-custom-tracker. But It doesn’t worked because some issues in the because I’m using Firestore and not using any host parameter but the source code tracker_store in requires “host” parameter must.And the Exception is not throwing instead ImportError is throwing warning.
  2. Then After that source code inspection I understand that I need to mention that “host” parameter compulsory, why “host” parameter compulsory :man_shrugging:.
  3. Now I’m cleared how to connect custom_tracker and its connected prefectly now. :grin:
  4. Then I started to implement the Firestore tracker, Some one on the forum said to Modify mongodb tracker and use it ,But I don’t understand its logic.
  5. Now again its time to do reverse engineering :face_with_monocle: Again I have inspected the code. It says implement save(), retrieve() and keys() method. I think this point should be mentioned in the documentation.
  6. After that I have followed InMemoryTracker logic.
  7. Finally its working perfectly :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

Here’s the code (in root directory):

import traceback
import contextlib
import itertools
import json
import logging
import os
import pickle
from datetime import datetime, timezone

from time import sleep
from typing import (

from boto3.dynamodb.conditions import Key
import rasa.core.utils as core_utils
from rasa.core.actions.action import ACTION_LISTEN_NAME
from import EventBroker
from rasa.core.constants import (
from rasa.core.conversation import Dialogue
from rasa.core.domain import Domain
from import SessionStarted
from rasa.core.trackers import ActionExecuted, DialogueStateTracker, EventVerbosity
import rasa.cli.utils as rasa_cli_utils
from rasa.utils.common import class_from_module_path, raise_warning, arguments_of
from rasa.utils.endpoints import EndpointConfig
import sqlalchemy as sa
from rasa.core.tracker_store import TrackerStore

# Import custom dbConfig for firebase returns firestore.client() class object
from actionserver.db.dbConfig import db

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# COLLECTION = "restaurant-bot-tracker"

class FirebaseTrackerStore(TrackerStore):
    """Stores conversation history in Firebase"""

    def __init__(
        domain: Domain,
        collection: Optional[Text] = "tracker",
        host: Optional[Text] = "localhost",
        event_broker: Optional[EventBroker] = None
    ): = {}
        self.COLLECTION = collection
        super().__init__(domain, event_broker)

    def save(self, tracker: DialogueStateTracker) -> None:
        """Updates and saves the current conversation state

            tracker: DialogueStateTracker from TrackerStore Class 


        Stores data in Firebase and creates tracker            

            if self.event_broker:
            serialised = self.serialiseTracker(tracker)

            ref = db.collection(self.COLLECTION).document(tracker.sender_id)

        except Exception as e:

    def checkSenderId(self, sender_id):
        Checks if sender Id exists in database (firebase)

            sender_id : takes the sender_id as input 

            Boolean (if the id exists or not) 

        check = db.collection(self.COLLECTION).document(sender_id).get().exists
        return check

    def retrieve(self, sender_id: Text) -> Optional[DialogueStateTracker]:
            sender_id: the message owner ID


        if self.checkSenderId(sender_id):
            logger.debug(f"Recreating tracker for id '{sender_id}'")

            deserialised_tracker = self.deserialiseTracker(sender_id)
            return deserialised_tracker
            logger.debug(f"Creating a new tracker for id '{sender_id}'.")
            return None

    def keys(self) -> Iterable[Text]:
            sender_ids of the Tracker Store in Firebase

        docs = db.collection(self.COLLECTION).stream()
        keys = []
        for doc in docs:
        return keys

    def serialiseTracker(self, tracker:DialogueStateTracker):
        User defined serialisation
            tracker : takes tracker object as input
            dialogue = tracker.as_dialogue().as_dict()
            dialogue = json.dumps(dialogue)
            dialogue = json.loads(dialogue)
            return dialogue
        except Exception as e:
            return None

    def deserialiseTracker(self, sender_id):
        """User defined deserialisation
            sender_id : Takes sender_id as input
            returns tracker
        tracker = self.init_tracker(sender_id)
            if not tracker:
                return None
            ref = db.collection(self.COLLECTION).document(sender_id)
            dialogue = ref.get().to_dict()
            # serialiseTracker(dialogue) no need to pass
            dialogue = Dialogue.from_parameters(
        except Exception as e:

        return tracker

Here’s the code of endpoints.yml

  type: custom_tracker.FirebaseTrackerStore
  host: localhost
  collection: restaurant-bot-tracker

Here’s the code of db from this module. from actionserver.db.dbConfig import db

import firebase_admin
from firebase_admin import credentials
from firebase_admin import firestore
cred = credentials.Certificate('actionserver\db\serviceAccount.json')
db = firestore.client()


  • pip install firebase_admin
  • set current working directory in the python path
  • Get Firestore serviceAccount.json from the Firebase console.

    Thats it firestore custom tracker is ready :relaxed:

Hi @Ajju2211. Really great job and thank you so much for sharing this solution on the forum! I am sure it will be extremely helpful to the Rasa community! :heart_eyes:

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Awesome work @Ajju2211!! Thank you so much for sharing this in such detail with everyone :star_struck:

:smile: Thank you

:smile: Thank you

hey can you please explain me i am not ale to make this custom_tracker, I am getting this error UserWarning: Tracker store with type ‘custom_tracker.FirebaseTrackerStore’.


Sorry for the late, I created this firebase custom tracker for the rasa 1.x version. I’m not sure about 2.x how it would be used, soon I will update the custom tracker for 2.x as well.

Can you elaborate, Which Rasa Version are you using. And send any screenshot of the error you got.

Hey I am trying to implement this kind of solution to deal with the exponentially increasing trackers that make it essentially impossible to locally train my rasa conversation model as it will get into the millions even and leaving it on overnight was not enough to even make a dent. So to make sure I understand this customer tracker correctly, is it safe to say that it would help mitigate this issue by offloading the strain on my computer and allow the training to complete by moving the processing of the story blocks (trackers created from them) to some database like this? I really want to make the training times fast again this way without changing my existing story yml files. Please someone confirm this for me! @Ajju2211

Sorry, for the delay. You can set the max history for the conversations to be tracked. Let’s say the conversation history is 30min then it will save conversations upto 30min only. And deletes the conversations beyond that time.

The trackers won’t take much time to load because they are going to be implemented using any database. And tracker will query only that particular user’s conversations at that time the user talks with the bot.

I hope you I understand it.