Custom Action not invoked through Parse API

Hi All,

I have written a custom action in which i checked the confidence level of latest message. If it is less than 0.90 then invoke an followup action that utter “Fallback”

In Postman, I used the /parse api and send the input as below : { “q”:“Hello” }

I got response with 0.84 as confidence level in response. There is no utterance “Fallback”.

Not sure whether my action got invoked

The parse endpoint is NLU endpoint. It only classifies the text into intents and extracts entities. It does not do action prediction. That is the job of Rasa Core. Actions won’t be invoked.

Ok how to include the action invocation from the end points. My requirement is that i want to send the text from UI to end points and to include actions for business logic

You’ll need to send messages to an appropriate channel. Look here: Messaging and Voice Channels