Custom action anytime an entity extraction is missed

What’s the recommended way in Rasa for firing a custom action anytime an intent is extracted that should have an entity associated with it?

Rather than having a custom action for every single entity, it would be great to have a single action that can be used in stories anytime you need to make sure you get the entity. (possibly using next() to pop the most recent entity and most recent action, and match them against a hash table? Just spitballing here!)

I realize you could use a form for this, but that’s kind of a clunky approach, and moreover, the idea a more general action anytime any entity gets missed, not having every entity associated with a form.

I understand there may be some trickiness involved in implementing this, so it’s possible this is a feature request, but just wanted to ask what the recommended path is.

If it were me, I’d probably just write a custom action for it. get_last_event_for (more deets: rasa.shared.core.trackers) might be helpful.

I’d also recommend you make a feature request for this: sounds like it might be helpful!

It’s a common pattern found in machine learning applications, which is why I was hopeful it was included/supported in Rasa.