Creating training set


I am new to RASA-NLU. I have been trying to create a model for the following type of messages.

Sample Message start

Verification of Liability Insurance

We hereby certify that the following liability insurance is in force at this date.

Certificate Number: AB0375/00933823/2017/001

  1. Name of Insured: ABC Corp & Cladding Ltd and Xyz Roofing Services Ltd

  2. Period of Insurance 8th August 2017 to 7th August 2018

  3. Employers Liability: £ 10,000,000

  4. Public and Products Liability: £ 2,000,000

  5. Insurer: Berlin Marine Kiln Group Ltd

This document is furnished as a matter of information only. The issuance of this document does not make the person or organisation to whom it is issued an additional insured, nor does it modify in any manner the contract of insurance between the insured and the Underwriters.

Sample Message end

Information to extract

Intent: Verification of insurance Entities: Insured_Name, Insurer_Name, Exp_Date, Liability_Type, Liability_Amount

I have been able to extract information from all similar formats. However, when values (like policy number, exp date etc) change the position, RASA is not picking up right values.

Can you please throw some light on how to model these type of messages ?

Thank you, Sri.