Correct way to give multiple choices through custom action?

I am trying to give a multiple choice through a custom action in rasa 2.0, and a warning tells me to use dispatcher.utter_message(text, buttons), however: a) I can’t seem to find the documentation anywhere for this part b) I get the printout of the options, but I don’t get to choose them

What am I doing wrong?

Just for more clarity, here is a snippet of my action:

weekdays_ita = {0: "Lunedì",
                1: "Martedì",
                2: "Mercoledì",
                3: "Giovedì",
                4: "Venerdì",
                5: "Sabato",
                6: "Domenica"
buttons = []
for app in appointments:
    weekday = weekdays_ita[app.weekday()]
    title = "{:10} {:10} alle ore {}".format(weekday, app.strftime('%d-%m'), app.strftime('%H:%M'))
    buttons.append({"title": title, "payload": "/"+app.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')})
dispatcher.utter_message(text="Multiple answers:",buttons=[{k:v} for k,v in weekdays_ita.items()]

but I don’t get to choose them

How are you speaking to the bot?

Through the rasa interactive