Convert excel data into rasa training data format

Hi All,

I just want to know if there is any way to convert excel training data-set into rasa json training data-set format. I have dataset in intent , entity , value and text coulmn . I want to convert it into json training dataset. in rasa nlu trainer it is taking one to one. Thank you @Juste @ souvikg10 @ akelad

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You can write a custom csv to json/md script

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Thanks @akelad i wrote the script and it’s working fine.

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@neerajb1 any change your script is open source on github? Would save me sometimes if I could just get inspiration from you…


I would also be interested.

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I just created a tiny script that will create file from a CSV file. I will add more code for stories, domain etc soon.

hi Is the code for stories.yml and domain available?

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@neerajb1 yes you can definitely automate that i am sharing the script for your convenience and desired output as per latest rasa updates

data in this format in excel - Screenshot from 2021-07-01 23-11-06

nlu file -

Domain file - Screenshot from 2021-07-01 23-09-10

code -

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