Contradicting rules or stories found in training but not in validation

I am using the following two commands to validate and test

docker run -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa:2.6.1-full data validate --debug

docker run -v $(pwd):/app rasa/rasa:2.6.1-full train --augmentation 0

While the data validation says,

INFO rasa.validator - No story structure conflicts found.

the training step gives the following error

InvalidRule: Contradicting rules or stories found

{some message regarding the contradictory rules}

Please update your stories and rules so that they don’t contradict each other.

The error in training steps comes in the end so you have already waited an hour or so for training to finish, I have noticed that this issue has started coming only after the recent update.

Is there any way to catch validation errors before the training step?

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Rasa data validate only validates story conflicts (so a story conflicting with a story). Rules are only validated (for conflicts with each other, or rules conflicting with a story) once training has begun.

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Oh, is there a way to check the rule conflict other than to train, so as to get fast feedback?

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No, there isn’t – validating rules is different from validating stories for technical reasons, and can’t be done more quickly than training. You can train core (which should be faster than train)