Contextual AI chatbot creation

Hi friends. I am new to Rasa. I want to create a contextual based AI chatbot which can answer user inputs as per texts written in a pdf document. Can is it possible that if user asks anything from that book, it can answer as per the pdf document.

please suggest any solutions.

Hello @ak19. I am not sure what you mean. Are you looking for a text corpus based question-answering system? Or do you want your bot to send its replies as a pdf document?

Hi Johannes. Thanks for reply. I have pdf document which is history text book. This has capters and topics. I want to create a answering bot if any user asks questions from that pdf book. But dont want to create model as per story based, becoz it is difficult to make so many story paths.

Hello @ak19, Do you mean a service like QnA maker in Microsoft? I think you can create a QnA service from Microsoft azure and use the endpoint in rasa actions.

Looking forward to this feature to be implemented in the future by the Rasa team.

Thanks for your reply. Since the project is to be created and deployed in private environment and it can not be created in internet.

As far as I know, we currently don’t support text corpus based question answering. But if your pdf contains explicit questions and answers, and you could just copy paste them into a file, then you can use our new Response Selector for this: Integrate response retrieval models in assistants built with Rasa