Chatbot to use pdf document as source

I am looking at creating a simple chatbot which can use a pdf file as it’s source. For example, the input to the chatbot can be a bank’s terms and conditions pdf document and the chatbot would respond to a question which are related to the contents of the document. So i would not have defined answers prior and should be looked in the pdf.

Sample Q&A. Q : What is my monthly fee for my savings account? A : Your monthly fees is $5 for the savings account if no deposit is made above $2000, else free.

I learnt about RASA and all the links which I saw uses a defined text response and not using any pdf document as a source.

Can someone provide any guidance on which approach i could follow?

Hi @ashok Rasa isn’t designed to be able to do SQuAD style tasks, this is something you would have to build a custom algorithm for using a custom component.