hello rasa friend i have a question to how to connect rasa core to a data base

i need to save the input entities from the chat to a data base… anyone have a tutorial how to do it or a little demostration what i can use

regards rasa friend :wink:

Hello @Robert14. There is a page on the Rasa Core documentation that runs you through setting up a dockerised configuration that includes a section on setting up a tracker store. I’m using a Mongo DB container and it works very well.

The tracker stores all the entities as part of the dialogue state so you can access this as needed and pull out any of them.

hello @netcarver i´m really appreciate your answers but i need to set up in a oracle or mysql DB

My issue is: it´s possibly set up in any of those DB?

I don’t know of an existing implementation that connects to MySQL or Oracle. You might want to look at writing a custom tracker store for that.

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oh thanks that information It was the one I was looking for

regards :wink:

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Rasa Core v0.14.0 supports SQLTrackerStore!

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hey @netcarver i want to configure my postgres database in RASA and have made the required changes in the endpoints.yml file but wanted to ask what command should i write in the terminal next so to check whether the database has been coonected or not.Any help will be appreciated?