Connect 'Rasa Starter Pack' and 'Scalableminds/Chatroom' to the internet/web

Hi Team,

I have been tinkering with the rasa stack along with the starter pack available and try to connect it to the web. Aim of my task - Is to to be able to connect rasa-starter pack along with the react based chatroom starter app to the internet, so that anyone can click on the domain line (rather than the local host address) and should be able to chat with the bot. For example: anyone should be able to type and be ale to access the rasa bot over the web and should be able to interact with it.

Issues: Sometimes I am able to connect rasa-starter pack with the chatroom app and sometimes it doesn’t work. And the times when it works it connects to the localhost:8080 and I am ale to use only in one system. However, my goal is to be able to share a link with others and everyone should be able to use the bot at the same time.

Kindly, help me with all detailed steps (request please…!). I am not a techie however, I have worked with watson assistant for a while and I am not more interested in using the same coz if its own limitations. I feel Rasa would give me the complete ownership of the bot and customize as per my desire.

Please help me with detailed step by step procedure. I have been struggling with the same since more than 10 days.

Also, if you guys are able to come up with some sort of starter pack type where anyone can connect to their rasa bots to the internet it would be great!! I am sure there are many out there who would want this and such starter pack would be of great relief for many…!

Kindly, help me with detailed steps asap!!

Thank you. Regards.