Confusing about the "form:" prefix

There have no “form:” prefix in the stories which i save from a rasax interactive learning(the “form:” prefix will be there if i export a story from the cmd interactive learning), does is influence the performance?

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Hi @jianjunchang, this is a known issue and we’re working on it :slight_smile:

ok, thanks for your reply.

I use interactive learning and also doesn’t see the form: prefix. In addition, I cannot quit the form

May be, they team have not fix the issue.I just use the cmd interactive learning instead now.

I delete all the stories related to the forms then run interactive learning to write it from scratch, now i am able see the form: prefix in stories file. Let me see if I can use deny to quit the form when handling unhappy path

do you try the form{“name”:null} to quit the form in stories? or may be you can click the “Restart” button to quit. this is the position the button at in the rasax talk page.

You misunderstand me, I mean I am trying to do Handling unhappy paths, according to (Forms). I try to use interactive learning but it fails