Cloud Azure app service linux startup

Hi team,

we want to deploy rasa on python36 azure app service based on linux.

All went well and we can start the server from SSH by using: antenv3.6 as virtual env after activate and then rasa run --enable-api

curl localhost:5005 brings correct version info

my startup is in startup.txt with

#!/bin/sh python3 -m rasa run --enable-api

and referenced in azure portal

error log:

392019-05-31T09:45:21.986652828Z: [INFO] Launching oryx with: -appPath /home/site/wwwroot -output /opt/startup/ -virtualEnvName antenv3.6 -defaultApp /opt/defaultsite2019-05-31T09:45:21.989562711Z: [ERROR] Oryx Version : 0.2.20190401.5, Commit: c7bcd3a2b802e109512924fbcf208bf77bf6cc6e2019-05-31T09:45:21.989665714Z: [ERROR] 2019-05-31T09:45:22.006288190Z: [ERROR] Using default app from /opt/defaultsite2019-05-31T09:45:22.526127788Z: [INFO] Writing output script to '/opt/startup/’2019-05-31T09:45:22.572452315Z: [INFO] Using packages from virtual environment ‘antenv3.6’ located at ‘/home/site/wwwroot/antenv3.6’.2019-05-31T09:45:23.766386231Z: [ERROR] [2019-05-31 09:45:23 +0000] [37] [INFO] Starting gunicorn 19.9.02019-05-31T09:45:23.769858930Z: [ERROR] [2019-05-31 09:45:23 +0000] [37] [INFO] Listening at: (37)2019-05-31T09:45:23.776201112Z: [ERROR] [2019-05-31 09:45:23 +0000] [37] [INFO] Using worker: sync2019-05-31T09:45:23.781213856Z: [ERROR] [2019-05-31 09:45:23 +0000] [40] [INFO] Booting worker with pid: 40

process is not starting.

any clue



Hey @tschnoelzer and welcome to the rasa community :slight_smile:

Can you please post the complete stacktrace with a proper formatting (best is to wrap it in ```)? Right now there are [ERROR]'s in there that do not really have an output line.

Can you please also run it with --debug?

Hi @tschnoelzer , Did you get the solution for this? I am stuck in the same error?