Check points

i have an issue with check points. my check points are not working. when i enter ‘Hi’ the response shouldn’t appear. but in my case I’m getting response from bot. please someone help me out from this problem.

  • story: sad path steps:

    • intent: mood_unhappy
    • action: utter_cheer_up
    • action: utter_did_that_help
    • intent: deny
    • action: utter_goodbye
    • checkpoint: check_asked_question
  • story: check_confirmation path steps:

    • checkpoint: check_asked_question
    • intent: greet
    • action: utter_greet
    • intent: mood_great
    • action: utter_happy
    • intent: check_confirmation
    • action: action_check_confirmation
  • story: name path steps:

    • checkpoint: check_asked_question
    • intent: affirm
    • action: utter_happy

Can you please correctly format the code block using backticks?

Which Rasa Open Source version are you using and which exact story path doesn’t work? Have you tried rasa interactive to debug it?