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Hi everyone,

I am working on a project in which I need to build a CHATBOT to get answers for any kind of question. The source of the answer will be available in word file and these documents are in huge number. For example, if we consider a one-word document that contains headings, subheadings, tables, and images etc. User can ask any kind of questions for example,

  1. if the user asked the question related to the heading, the answer should be all the part below the heading until next heading, which may include paragraph, table, and images. And all should in the same format as it is present in the original document.

  2. The question can come from the paragraph also, and it should give Relevant answer.

Can anyone help me with this?


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I haven’t tried , but I guess you got to create custom action to match the previous text that user types which can extracted as

text = tracker.latest_message['text']

And this text has to be matched with your doc file until next heading .This logic should be part of actions

Refer : Custom action to written in file

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