Chat Bot - Chat Message Complexity and Language Support

Myself Harish Kumar, Tech Lead & Developer. I am very new to RASA Stack. I have few queries listed.

  1. To develop a chat bot with some complexities in messages:

This is an example to show the complexity:

“Scheduled Truck Date is earlier than Shipping Date or later than expected Arrival Date”: 1 intent and 4 or 5 entities and also an ‘OR’ in between.

Would RASA able to support this complexity ? Do the messages need to be split ? In our case there can be even more complex messages of more length.

Is there any message length restrictions ?

  1. Tensor_flow embedding

Does it supports many languages ? Can we extract entities in all supported languages like english ?

  1. Does RASA supports step by step messages to get users address line by line ?

Please help me. Thanks in advance !

No there’s no restrictions and that shoulse be fine. Yes tensorflow_embedding pipeline supports any language that can be whitespace tokenized, please read more about this here: Language Support

I’m not sure about what you mean with step by step messages

Thank you Akela.