Channel specific response for custom connector with Alexa does not work

Hi everybody, I connected my rasa bot to alexa by following the instruction given here: Connect Your Rasa AI Assistant to Amazon Alexa . It works all fine except of the channel specific responses.

I am using rasa 2.4.0, rasa SDK 2.4.0 and python 3.8.5, operating on windows.

This is my file (4.2 KB)

And here is the relevant part of my domain: grafik

Can anybody help me with that? :slight_smile:

Hi @flora, apologies for the late response. Could you describe a bit more in-depth what is not working? Did you get any logs in the process?

Hey, thanks for the response. It just gives the “not channel-specific” answers. So it works, but the channel-specific responses that I implemented are just ignored.

So there are no errors or anything. It just ignores the channel-specific responses for Alexa.

I also use channel-specific responses for telegram and they work just fine…