Changing Rasa Core behavior on adopted actions for intents out of the domain?

Hey all,

I have this trained NLU component working well with something close to 300 intents/classes that I want to use in Rasa Core.

But I am only adding intents to the domain file after I have some stories, actions and scripts for them. So, in the default configuration, it will happen something like this if the intent infered by the NLU isn’t present in the domain.yml:

rasa\lib\site-packages\rasa\utils\ UserWarning: Interpreter parsed an intent 'SOME_INTENT' which is not defined in the domain. Please make sure all intents are listed in the domain.
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Is there a high level way to define a fallback action to return a particular behavior in the dialogue after the NLU provides an intent that is not on the scope of the domain? I would like to do this without registering new stories for each intent out of the domain nor adapting each of my other actions.