Change table name from tracking store

Hi everyone, I manage to create tracking store to store event log in database and I got the table called “events”. However, I want to change the table name to something like rasa_bot_events. Is it possible to do that? Thanks.

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Hi @tapanit. I am assuming you are using SQL tracker store? Technically you could be able to change the table name, however, that would likely break the tracker store since Rasa stores the data based on the table name which is set when creating the tracker store (rasa/ at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub line 555)

What is the reason you need to change the table name?

Hi @Juste Thank you for your response. Yes, I use SQL tracker store. I want to change the table name just because I want my database organized since I have a lot of table, however it’s not really necessary.

An option to change table name would be helpful if we have multiple bots running. At the moment, all bot conversations are dumped to a single table. @Juste won’t this create a problem?

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