Change rasa chatbot language in a website integration

Hello everyone. Is it possible to change the chatbot widget (website integration) language in Italian? I need to change the date format in the hover of a message and the text “start typing a message…” in the input text. I saw some discussion that say to modify the configuration file and train nlu model but seems that nothing change. I have my own actions ecc written in Italian lang and I want in Italian lang also the chatbot. the script i’m using to integrate in my website is :

<div id="rasa-chat-widget" data-websocket-url="https://your-rasa-url-here/"></div>

<script src="" type="application/javascript"></script>

For a clear question, I need to change this image and the date format that appear when you hover a message

I’ve had a quick look at the controls in the docs and it doesn’t seem to be supported.

ye, it isn’t an attribute to set in the script, I’m searching something in the files of rasa/socketio but still not having sol