Cards in rasa

Does Rasa support cards just like the Bot framework? If so please provide an example.

Hey @ajshrr. The elements that Rasa can send out depend on what UI you want to connect your assistant wtih. So for example, with Slack or Messenger you can send ‘rich’ messages which contain images, buttons, etc. What UI you are looking to connect your assistant with?

Consider weatherbot which connects to the apixu and retrieves data in the form of json. This json has a URL pointing to the image. I tried displaying it on the slack but failed.

Could you please provide an example how such images can be displayed on the slack.

Below gives a sample of the json retrieved which has a URL pointing to the png. I would like to display the image on the slack instead of URL.

{‘location’: {‘name’: ‘Paris’, ‘region’: ‘Ile-de-France’, ‘country’: ‘France’, ‘lat’: 48.87, ‘lon’: 2.33, ‘tz_id’: ‘Europe/Paris’, ‘localtime_epoch’: 1548660160, ‘localtime’: ‘2019-01-28 8:22’ }, ‘current’: {‘last_updated_epoch’: 1548658821, ‘last_updated’: ‘2019-01-28 08:00’, ‘temp_c’: 2.0, ‘temp_f’: 35.6, ‘is_day’: 0, ‘condition’: {‘text’: ‘Partly cloudy’, ‘icon’: ‘//’, ‘code’: 1003 }, ‘wind_mph’: 8.1, ‘wind_kph’: 13.0, ‘wind_degree’: 260, ‘wind_dir’: ‘W’, ‘pressure_mb’: 1001.0, ‘pressure_in’: 30.0, ‘precip_mm’: 0.0, ‘precip_in’: 0.0, ‘humidity’: 87, ‘cloud’: 75, ‘feelslike_c’: -1.6, ‘feelslike_f’: 29.2, ‘vis_km’: 10.0, ‘vis_miles’: 6.0, ‘uv’: 0.0 } }

I want to connect my assistant with website hosted locally. Could you please provide some information of how to display rich contents as a response.

hey @Prskriti, check out this UI, I have added the support for cards:

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hi @JiteshGaikwad tnq it did work :slight_smile:

you are welcome, if you would like to have features which aren’t there you can raise the issue in the GitHub Repo. :slight_smile:

@JiteshGaikwad ohk

Hi @JiteshGaikwad, Can I use this customized UI widget with the RASA’s Older Versions like rasa==0.1.0, rasa-core==0.12.4, rasa-nlu==0.13.8? If yes, then how?

hey @shaileshsarda, it will work for older versions since it uses REST api, just test it out and let me know if you face any error.

Well, thanks for the quick update @JiteshGaikwad. I will let you know soon.

Hi, I didn’t find the example of carousel response in your docs/ Can you help me?

@cityhunter25197 I will add it soon since the carousel wasn’t generic.

Hi Jitesh,

There is no example of Card Carousel in this Chatbot-Widget as the others are examples have. Can you update with Card Carousel example.?

hi @nik202, the card carousel was built specifically for Restaurant bot and it’s isn’t generic, if you want to add, you can check the code here:

Thanks for the reply @JiteshGaikwad I have seen that code. What about domain.yml code the CardsCarousel? any suggestions on that?

I am not sending any cardscarousel from domain.yml file since it requires bit amount of json data.

:slight_smile: waiting for the code patiently, if you got time please update. many thanks in advance.

Hi @JiteshGaikwad, can you please share that json data for example.

@mounika2 I don’t have any sample JSON data as of now but you can refer to this Resto Bot as an example: