Can't run Rasa in Colab anymore

I have been using Google’s Colab to train, but today it stopped working.

I init it as usual:

!pip install -U ipython
!python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
!pip install rasa[spacy]
!python3 -m spacy download en_core_web_md

But when I try to execute:

!rasa init --no-prompt

I get this error:

2021-11-12 15:51:08.098595: E tensorflow/core/lib/monitoring/] Cannot register 2 metrics with the same name: /tensorflow/api/keras/optimizers

@bferster please update/upgrade the TensorFlow to the latest version. Rasa recently update the TensorFlow version or please check the tensorflow version using command pip list or conda list and do check this link for your ref. : Let's Talk about Tensorflow 2.6 | The Rasa Blog | Rasa

Note: In some cases this also work:downgrading to TensorFlow 2.5.2

@bferster For upgrade: pip install --upgrade tensorflow whilst activating your environment.

I hope this will solve your issue asap and good luck.

Thanks Nik. I had downgraded to Rasa 2.8.0 and that worked, but I update Tensorflow as you suggested and still no luck. It says it’s incompatible with v2.6. Has the Rasa installer been updated?

!pip install -U ipython
!pip install rasa[spacy]
!pip install --upgrade tensorflow

@bferster congratulations ! I even suggested downgrading the TensorFlow, and I hope you saw the above post link? Can you share with me the current rasa version rasa --version whilst activating the environment and in the same can you type pip list to share the TensorFlow version?

@bferster On which configuration of rasa you are able to run and its working can you confirm me please.

install rasa did not work:

tensorflow 2.6.1
rasa 2.8.13

but install rasa=2.8 does work

tensorflow 2.3.4
rasa 2.8.0

@bferster Right, I hope Rasa Team is aware of this issue. I would recommend to use rasa 2.8.0 till the major release i.e Rasa 3.0 come, may be these issue will be gone in next release.

I hope this will solve you issue for a time being and good luck!


@bferster No worries:slight_smile:

Recommendation for your learning and reference:

yes. got that one!

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