Can't revist stories


I’ve a very simple story, which has checkpoints and it allows the user to affirm or deny as a response to a question, and then provides the correct text response.

This works fine, but only works once per session.

If I repeat the intent after I’ve gone through a story, I get a missed intent (fallback).

Can anyone help?

Could you share the stories.yml . Will help to debug better

Sure. Here you go

version: "3.1"

- story: Outline how to cite a case within the text body
  - intent: citeCases
  - action: utter_citeCases
  - checkpoint: check_citeCases

- story: citeCases affirm
  - checkpoint: check_citeCases
  - intent: affirm
  - action: utter_citeCasesWithin

- story: citeCases deny
  - checkpoint: check_citeCases
  - intent: deny
  - action: utter_citeCasesWithout

Try running your model with rasa shell once.

I have done this, and the issue remains.

I’ve also changed from SpacyNLP to Whitespacetokenizer in case that had any impact, but no change.

Is there anything else that I can post up here to help diagnose the problem?