Can't request model from a model server

Hi, i want to run a api server with the cmd “rasa run --enable-api --endpoints endpoints.yml --log-file api.log” and config the model server in the endpoints.yml, but i found the api server always load model from the local “models” directory, may be i have miss something, can anybody help me for this, any help will be appreciated! this is my endpoints.yml

# This file contains the different endpoints your bot can use.

# Server where the models are pulled from.

  url: ""
  wait_time_between_pulls:  10   # [optional](default: 100)

# Server which runs your custom actions.

  url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"

# Tracker store which is used to store the conversations.
# By default the conversations are stored in memory.

#    type: redis
#    url: <host of the redis instance, e.g. localhost>
#    port: <port of your redis instance, usually 6379>
#    db: <number of your database within redis, e.g. 0>
#    password: <password used for authentication>

    type: mongod
    url: mongodb://localhost:27017
    db: rasa
    username: test
    password: test

I have read the source code rasa/core/, the “load_agent” function will check local “model_path” and then “model_server” config and then “remote_storage” config, it seems not the same order as the docs said.

the docs said:

I found this issue has been fixed when i upgrade the rasa from 1.1.4 to work perfectly now :smile:

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Hello, apart from what you published, did you used some action to or specific protocol to fetch the model from a model server?

Thank you!

if it possible you show me how to write code to api what is the format of object returned form server api