Cannot remove story - is it cached in Rasa x?

I am editing the file with my IDE and then start rasa x. I see old stories listed on the webpage that I do not have in the file.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong @aroy ?

I read this post which clarifies that we cannot delete stories by using the UI.

@nickopris that’s odd, we just tried to reproduce this. If I delete a story from the file and then restart rasa x, it gets updated in the UI accordingly.

What do you mean by “editing the” file? If you delete all stories from the file, then it is intended that they don’t get deleted from the databse, in order to prevent data loss

Thanks @akelad I’ve got this story that I tested a form with and I no longer need it. I opened the file to remove the code, saved it and then I expect not to see it again in the Rasa X ui (I restarted Rasa x). No matter what I do it’s back there. I also deleted the rasa.db and tracker.db files to see if I get rid of it, no chance.

I just looked again at it today and I see that stories are duplicated. See a screenshot below. So a bunch of my old stories linger in that ui. Any ideas how to fix without reinstalling the whole project?

I finally got it. It was my mistake, sorry. I renamed an old stories file in same data directory thinking that rasa will never use it and I can keep it as a backup.

I removed that file and all seems to be good.