Cannot get the latest Rasa to connect to mattermost

Hi, followed the Mattermost page here, cannot get Rasa to talk to the mattermost.

I have a running docker container with rasa on a separate server. Mattermost is running on its own server.

Could be that I am missing something?

Actually I do not see where the outgoing hook is used in the rasa docker container to be able to connect back to the mattermost.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

What do you mean by this? This is dependent on your credentais.yml file.

eventually I managed to set them right. got into another problem regarding the ssl. the documents explaining how to connect, is not structured properly as it does not make a clear distinction on which server to do what action. the topic can be closed now

Can you elaborate on how did you manage to make it run? Im having problems running it myself.