Can we store a slot from a bots response?

Assume the bot is giving a treatment to a patient …something like a bot suggests to a patient to take a drug name called ibophrophine and I want to store it to the database about the person and the drug name that the bot suggest for the patient to take…if the patient mention the drug name then I would take it as a tracker.get_slot(“drug”) the drug entity and store it to the database…but if it is the bot that mentioned the drug name then how will I take that as a slot to store it to the database for the patient and what kind of drug the bot suggests…??

Hi @faiza_conte,

let me ask a question first: Based on what does the bot decide to suggest a treatment? Did you design it story-/rule-based or e.g. programmatically?

To be able to answer this question, we need to have a bit more information on how your bot handels this use case usually.

Kind regards

@JulianGerhard…I have a story for the conversation flow and inside the story I have actions from bots response as well from custom action for storing user history in the database ,like user information and treatment history .so assume the conversation flow like this

User: am having a headache 
Bot: taking  aspirin medicine is mostly recommended 
User: thanks I will take that

So assume my story looks like this …and I want to store to a database about the user info and the medicine that the bot recommend to take for that person as a history so which way or how can I do that??