Can the NLU model rank only a chosen intent and ignore the others?


I have a bot with 12 trained intents. In certain cases, I need to check if the message from the user is one of two intents. BUT I don’t want it to be ranked along side the other 10 trained intents. Just to check if one of the two intents can be found in that message.

I don’t believe I can use the ignore intents in the forms. Is there a good way to go about doing this with Rasa?

I am trying to migrate from Dialoglflow which had something like this where a message could be ranked against a a subset of all of the intents. They had something called input context that is required for an intent to get hit.

Thanks for all the help!


I don’t think I understand your question. What cases are you talking about? Could you define them?

If you have seen the ignored_intents feature and think that it doesn’t suit your case, then I don’t think there’s any other way you could exclude some intents.

However, I would suggest explaining your issue in more detail (if that’s possible) cause maybe I got something wrong or there’s another way to deal with it.

@abhi Could you describe how you would define input context / what would it constitute in dialogflow? If you can redirect me to a document that would be helpful too.