Can not train a model on product / worker environment

*Version: RASA:1.7.0 and 1.7.3 / RASA X : 0.25.0 and 0.25.2

I was set RASA X system environments by docker-compose. Then I checked rasa-x web was established and logged in there. I tried to train model after inputting some sentences. But, trained model was not generated. So I’ve found some logs.

I think that production / worker server could not get a config information from rasa- x server. So production / worker server was not initialized and rasa-x server could not connect production / worker server for request train command.

I’ve not found a solution for this problem.

Can you do a docker-compose ps to see if all of the containers are running?

If any are not running, you can use docker-compose logs rasa-production or another container name to see the log message. Maybe there was an issue when starting the container.

Thanks, stephens The above images was captured by docker-compose logs. I solved this issue. This issue occurred when I was initialize project by manual installation. So I tried to initialize project by automated installation by ansible. Then, above issue was fixed. Actually I have no idea why it was occurred. Because it’s almost exactly the same as manually created.