Can i use other python concepts in Rasa

Hi Can i use python objects concepts like(inheritance) and other python packages like(pandas,numpy,sklearn…etc) through custom action in file.If i can use please let me know the process.

Thanks&Regards, Surya

May be you can do whatever you want to do in your custom actions. They are made for it

If that is the case i have written a python program through which i will ask user to enter username and password and after that by using these variables i will set username and password slots but here it is not working like i defined here variables are not storing the user inputs because of this slots are showing null

Note: here i have to take username and password with out username and password intent examples because user name and password may follow same pattern

if you know how to do this in custom action please let me know

Hi @surya1994. Just like Mohinder mentioned, you can do pretty much anything you want in custom actions. Regarding the passwords, you could maybe use regex to extract them, especially if you have some requirements for how the password should look like (contain numbers, uppercase, etc).

Thanks @Juste

I have a username and password which can follow any pattern because of this sometimes username is classify as password intent and password is classify as username intent so can you please let me know how can i set username and password(free text) with out NLU intent classification

Hmm, that’s tricky unless your users explicitly say ‘My username is …’. I would be very careful with building a bot that asks for passwords though as it’s not very secure way to provide such info. I would suggest using an authentication system for that instead