Can I use custom sender id for facebook and slack

I want to connect my bot with facebook and slack apps with same sender_id so that the tracker event should be same for that particular user. For example a user login into facebook and chat something and again the same user login to slack app, at the time what he chat in facebook app should be visible to him.

Does this can be achiedvid in rasa or any other way is there. Kindly help me in this.


Hi @azharameen,

Yep, it is achievable. But it will require some coding. One of the ways that you can achieve that and it is how probably I would do it (to avoid changes on rasa_core code) is to make a middleware. So instead of connecting facebook and slack directly to Rasa. You would connect both channels to a middleware and the middleware that would connect to Rasa.

I would use the HTTP API to connect the middleware, so passing the messages through the api.

So basically you would have a database, for example, with a table of users and their ids. Each row would have a facebook id a slack id and a unique generated id that you would use to send the message to rasa instead of the facebook or slack id.

I hope you got the idea :wink:

Thanks for reply @custodio. I will try this.

Hi @azharameen, did you succeed in your implementation?