Can I Import Examples?


If I have a very complex conversation flow, with many entities that have many examples. Do we have a way to import the examples from other file?

@initiate hello, can you give some examples, then we can give you clear idea.

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Do you mean you want to separate NLU/Stories/Rules into multiple files?

If yes, then you can do that. Look at this for example.

About the “many entities with many examples”, I suggest using lookup tables - You can even write a script that automatically builds the file.

This one for example converts a text file like this to a lookup table like this.

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Holy! That’s was exactly what I was looking for. So just to be clear, for the Rasa framework to recognize that something is part of the “nlu file”, for example, I just need to put the header: “”" version: “2.0” nlu: “”" ?

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The version: 2.0 thing isn’t even necessary, that’s just standard YAML (like using <!DOCTYPE html> for HTML files).

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One sub question, Does DIET use the lookup tables? If yes, how do I enable it?

@initiate check this pipeline for using lookuptables : Lookup Tables not being detected - #2 by ChrisRahme by Chris.