Can I call Rasa NLU inside Actions?

Suppose I am inside the actions and I have a list of words that I have pre-defined as entities. Can I call the rasa nlu or any other prediction process inside that action so that I can predict which word belongs to which entity?


use rasa http API and send request to the required endpoint

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Can you please elaborate. And I am actually interested if there is a way without sending a request. Might sound silly but just wanted to clarify.

I don’t know of any way without sending a request.

From my understanding (which might be flawed), the main bot service sends an HTTP request with all the details of the conversation to the actions server. The actions server then processes this, and sends a response of what events the main bot service needs to do. If that’s the case, then it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to use the NLU from inside the actions server, besides making an HTTP call back to the main bot service, since the actions server doesn’t contain the NLU.

I think this is the API that was being referred to: HTTP API


Thanks for the help. I am now using the HTTP API only to get the entity predictions. Let’s see if we can have a clarification from the Rasa Team also so that we can close this issue.

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i second @rudi