Build FormAction dynamically

Hi everyone,

I want to know if is currently possible with rasa core version 0.14.x to build a FormAction or more precisely the validators dynamically. Imagine the following situation:

All necessary information for all files like domain, stories, endpoints, … are provided from an external database management system. The problem is, that I have to be able to execute one single FormAction (for this is the purpose of my bot) for which in the newest version I have to provide several information entities like a list of required_slots, slot mappings and a validator function for each parameter.

I want to be able to provide the needed information by “injecting” it into my OR maybe there is another way to execute a FormAction that can’t actually be predefined.

What might be the easiest way to achieve this - or maybe it actually isn’t possible?

Thanks for your answers! Regards Julian

A good question, we are pondering the same thing. But short of doing some crude hacking, like generating the python code, injecting into the and rerunning the action server,–no ideas so far

Hi Igrinberg,

I am currently discussing this topic here:

I think it seems to be better to switch to there, even if the topic of this thread might be more feasible.