[BUG] Empty line breaks into two response messages


when we use two newlines in our yaml file, it breaks the response into two messages. Example:

  - text: |-
      Hey man
      Druhý riadok

      Štvrtý riadok

This will produce two responses Hay man\nDruhý riadok and Štvrtý riadok, see the image (the same on callback channel)

Please, how can we preserve newlines and keep it in one response message only?


I can’t make sure this is a bug. But to do that. you expected, you can try. this way:

  - text: "Hey man\nDruhý riadok\n\nŠtvrtý riadok"

Need to add, that we use php yaml_emit function PHP: yaml_emit - Manual So it’s not very convenient to adjust the yaml format.

Hi, I have found a way to do it: