Bot utterances are not forwarded to latest channel

My application uses the websockets for communication with RASA. A conversation_id is successfully set and the interactions return the expected behavior through the chatbot. My issue right now occurs when I test a call to the HTTP API to execute and action per thedocumentation: HTTP API the utterance is not forwarded to the channel.

URL: http://localhost:5005/conversations/MjU4OTQ5/execute

Payload: {

    "name": "utter_hello",
    "policy": "string",
    "confidence": 0.987232,
    "output_channel" : "latest"



                "event": "action",
                "timestamp": 1578604652.2660300732,
                "name": "utter_hello",
                "policy": "string",
                "confidence": 0.987232
                "event": "bot",
                "timestamp": 1578604652.2660424709,
                "text": "Hi, this is your bot 🤖",
                "data": {
                    "elements": null,
                    "quick_replies": null,
                    "buttons": null,
                    "attachment": null,
                    "image": null,
                    "custom": null
                "metadata": {}
        "latest_input_channel": "socketio",
        "active_form": {},
        "latest_action_name": "utter_hello"
    "messages": [
            "recipient_id": "MjU4OTQ5",
            "text": "Hi, this is your bot 🤖"

CoreServer log when the HTTP API is called:

CoreServer log when we use the chatbot:

Am I missing something? Regards

As mentioned in the HTTP API websockets do not support the output channel parameter in the /execute endpoint.

Currently supported channels are listed in the permitted values for the parameter.

Values are:

Enum: “latest” “slack” “callback” “facebook” “rocketchat” “telegram” “twilio” “webexteams”

Thank you for the information @Tanja.