Bot doesn't check for slot values and restart conversation

Hi, I have trained my model wherein it has to go through a conditional check basis on slots , every time the user starts a conversation with the bot , bot has to reply according to the checks mentioned in the custom action. For eg, If user greets to bot it will check for the first slot value, if it is true then check for second slot value and if its false then ask the user to perform the task respective to the slot. The issue is bot responds correctly for the first time through all steps according to the conditional checks mentioned but the next time we start the conversation with it ,it starts the flow as it is mentioned evenif all slots are true that means all task are done, Ideally it should check if slots are true it just has to go to next followup action and give a default response that your task are done for the time.

My bot work on time slots,every time slot has some task to complete which is tracked via slot. Need urgent help with the issue