BERT, case sensitive?

Hi everyone,

I trained the model with German BERT (cased Version), but now the bot seems to recognize only the cased input. The same input but lowercased is not recognized at all (e.g., the NLU threshold is low and I get the fallback policy action back).

Is there any possibility to make the system case insensitive? So that it both accepts cased and lowercased input?

Many thanks in advance for each feedback! :slight_smile:

Hi @almois It would be better if you train a model with the German BERT(uncased version)

Thanks for the reply! Thatโ€™s what I did then and that solved the problem! :relaxed:

Hi @almois, Iโ€™m also working with German BERT and faced the same issue:) which uncased version did you use?

I only find this bert-base-german-cased from huggingface, which is supported by Rasa. The others are still not supported. (see: Can't load bert German model from huggingface)