Automatic storage of model after training on aws

need to store the model on aws bucket automatically after rasa training and then load the lastest trained model from aws storage to rasa server. @akelad , @Tobias_Wochinger

Did you checkout Cloud Storage @MohitSinghCS?

yes , followed the same steps as mentioned but the model is not getting stored automatically after training. Do i need to save it manually everytime i retrain the model @Tobias_Wochinger

No, it should be saved automatically. Can you run with --debug and share the logs please?

I am unable to store rasa model on aws. Do i need to specify other flags while train the rasa with train command like --remote-storage aws?. @Tobias_Wochinger

How does your train command currently look like? Is there any error when the model is supposed to be stored on aws?

I am using command 'rasa train ’ for training , and not getting any error while training but the model is not getting stored on aws (added aws credentials in the environment ) @Tobias_Wochinger