AWS integration and Bot responses

Hi guys! So I created a bot which can give a user details about an app. Now I uploaded this Bot to AWS EC2 server coz I don’t want to integrate my bot to my app files. So i uploaded my bot to a new instance and planning to send a API post request to my Rasa bot server and getting back the response. So i’m running my bot with “”–enable_api"". So how do I enable my bot to outside world so that someone else can send a post request to that bot and get a response. How do I run the bot in public mode? @akelad @Juste

  • Do you want to use the AWS server as model server or in general host Rasa Core / NLU there?
  • Did you adjust your AWS setting so that your server is accessible?
  1. Yes! I have uploaded my RASA project on AWS server and enabled the bot. How i can access the bot from anywhere by calling the get request. But this method of calling for response is deprecated now and I have to create a custom channel using REST.
  2. Yes! My AWS is accessible to everyone and now I need to add authentication to it so that it’ll be secured. Main ques: I’m calling my bot with this request:

http://my _domain:5005/conversations/27/respond?q=hi

and the response i’m getting is this

[{“recipient_id”:“27”,“text”:“Hi Bot at you service”}]

So I want to save this ID:27 and use it inside a custom action to call another API. I basically need to save the sender_id:27!! How should I do that?

Core should call the custom action server and there you can also get the recipient id. See here how to connect an action server to core: Actions

Did you manage it to create the REST channel?

No actually I haven’t started with REST channels yet! Is there a guide that I can follow to create REST input channel?

Here you go: Chat & Voice platforms