Any way to increase visibility on tracker db connection loss?


I currently have a Rasa server set up to connect to MongoDB Atlas for storing conversation history. I was querying that data base and saw that from 01/01/21 to 02/15/21 I’m missing some conversations (based on user profile state). I had pushed several versions since then, so I’m guessing that there was some connection loss during that time that I hadn’t noticed and the tracker store in memory was cleared (along with the logs, unfortunately).

Is there a hook or a way to get visibility over when that happens (so it doesn’t happen in the future)? Just as well, assuming I do get visibility over when that happens and I see that Rasa defaulted to the InMemoryTrackerStore, is there a way to dump out the current InMemoryTrackerStore so I can manually upload it to MongoDB?

A bit related, but is the default behavior on reconnection to the tracker store to upload the current state of the InMemoryTrackerStore to the TrackerStore?

What I’d love to have is a way to get notified of when this happens (like on a connection loss hook or something), that way I will know as soon as the db loses connection.

Bumping. Hoping that I won’t have to re-write my own custom MongoTrackerStore component to handle this use case, as I’m sure others might need the same.

Bumping again, anyone from the Rasa team have any thoughts?