Any update on new stable release of rasa X?

Hi Rasa team,

Kindly inform by when a stable release of Rasa X 0.33 will be available.


I am also eager for this and waiting for version 0.33 that’s compatible with rasa v2.0. Any updates?

Unfortunately the released RC version is broken:

It would be great if Rasa team could release a working RC or alpha version so we can test. The above URL installs the latest version of Rasa X (0.33.0RC1) however it does not work

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Apparently it is imminent, so likely the next few days. Probably being tested and updating the docs and blog etc. I am also waiting keenly for it!

FYI that question has been asked recently here too: When is Rasa-x going to come out for Rasa 2.0.0rc4?


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I confirm that the latest rasa-x docker works fine now with rasa 2.0 . You can test the new version by updating the following parameters in your docker-compose .env file :


@Mos Do you mean Rasa X 0.33 (stable) has been released? I can’t see any such update on the website or the forum.

No, there is no official release yet. However you can install the latest docker version of rasa x and it works fine with rasa v2.0 docker.

hi @gaushh ! Happy to report that Rasa X 0.33.0 was released yesterday :slight_smile:

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