Any Rasa Open Source Voice projects want to share their story?

Hello there, Lauren here, product marketing manager here at Rasa. I’m joining the Speech Tech Summit in June and I was wondering if anyone here is working on a cool Rasa AI Assistant with voice integration? If you are interested, I’d love to share your story at the conference, just let me know.


we are currently creating a dialogue framework for the Icelandic language as part of a cooperation project between private companies and the University of Reykjavík.

Iceland has accomplished a lot of progress in the last 3 years for speech technology due to the language technology program SIM. We are basing the framework fully on Open Source technology, including ASR, TTS the dialog system manager and the dialog system (Rasa).

You can find the relevant project here: Spoken Dialogue Framework for Icelandic · GitHub. There is a running chatbot for a municipal use case here: It’s data is completey knowledge based.

The project is still under development. We focus in the coming weeks of creating an ASR proxy and polishing the chat widget, but ASR already works as a direct connection between the chat widget and the Open Source ASR service.

If you like to know more about the project, feel free to contact me or open issues at the relevant github page.

Hi Daniel, I’d love to get in touch, where is the best place to reach you? I’d really like to learn more about your project, understand why you chose Rasa, and if possible also tell your story at the conference.

Hi, just write me an Email to the address mentioned at triple double-u dot grammatek dot com (just don’t want to invite scraping bots … ).