Can I adapt from Rasa platform to Voice's Usage?

Hello. Can I ask someone that The Rasa’s platform can adapt to Voice AI…?

Just I have curious.


@Chan Yes, Rasa Support Voice AI.

Please check these repo: | |

Note: I not had implemented Voice Chatbot as it’s not required by my project.

@nik202 Wow… Basically If I want to handle like Voice AI platform with RASA, Can I am well informed about RASA’s Usage with reference to Udemy’s lecture (you give me Udemy’s lecture, Rasa, Right…?)

@Chan Hi Chan, I will recommend first brush up and understand the concept of Rasa Open source with text based chatbot and later when you have experience and all the knowledge you can try explore Voice AI. The related course did not cover any of the Voice based AI, but surely in near future you will able to see so course or even tutorial. I hope this will help you and motivate you.