Announcing the Rasa Pro Developer Edition

At the end of last year we released CALM, an LLM-native, intent-free approach to building reliable conversational AI. The feedback so far has been incredible.

We’ve been able to grow our business substantially because CALM is convincing more companies to adopt our paid offering than ever before.

CALM is awesome and we want to make it available to as many people as possible, without cannibalizing our business. From today we are introducing a developer edition to use CALM and Rasa Pro. The exact terms are here, but the TL;DR is that you can use the developer edition on your laptop/desktop/IDE and it doesn’t cost anything. If you’re ready to run it on a server, get in touch.

Get your Rasa Pro Developer Edition here

We’re also making sure that you get the support you need:

  • We’re publishing a new series of videos on YouTube explaining how CALM works.
  • We’re dedicating time to supporting the community forum and have created a new topic for CALM-related questions.
  • We’ve written quite a bit of documentation, but please let us know if anything isn’t clear so we can improve it.

That’s great news! Do you see any chance that the pricing will become transparent in the future? Since years, Rasa Inc. negotiates the prices on a per-case basis, which makes me feel that you are trying to outsmart me as a potential buyer, rather than stating upfront what your solution actually costs :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question! We are actually doing some work on our pricing at the moment and would love to talk to you to get your feedback, if you are open to it.

Well, I understand your investors’ approach, but what I need as a potential customer is your price tag or at least a price range. Rasa Inc. is more than five years old and, in my view, it should be able to do that without further feedback.


First of all, terribly excited to be able to experiment with CALM.

I’ve also got the same issue with pricing as @ScienceGuy. I’m running a startup and am exploring CALM as a way to introduce conversational interfaces in the InfoSec space. My target group (SME’s) have limited budget so I need to know upfront if keeping CALM (heh) will lead to a reasonably priced product.

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It is often mentioned that Rasa Pro and Rasa Platform are solutions providing value for brands looking to automate millions of conversations yearly. These brands typically have teams in house dedicated to developing their conversational AI journey. Usually, companies with lower conversation volumes start with Rasa Open Source.

I appreciate the distinction between Rasa Pro and Open Source. Given our need for [specific requirement - e.g., multilingual support, complex model training, security features], is there a way to explore a solution within Rasa’s offerings that fits our startup’s current scale and budget?

I often get this response from Rasa team " Our subscriptions are typically a multi-year engagement. Subscription pricing for Rasa Platform ranges from approximately $200,000 to multiple millions of dollars per year. We typically advise our customers to have a minimum budget of at least $200,000 per year in order to partner with us." So Startups are not encouraged to use Rasa pro ?