Analogy model with respect to dialogflow and RASA CORE


I am trying to compare Dialogflow with RASA, about how dialogflow creating stories, training phrases and Action & Parameters. Do they generate a model or any alternative they are using? what are the files required for generating the model in DialogFlow(like we have files to generate model in rasa)

the beauty of Rasa is that you have control of your data and Models… Dialogflow don’t give you access ,you don’t know how the model is working… say you need to make some special secret models of yours… in Rasa … you can in Dialogflow google will use your data to develop algorithms… and sell them back to you. :smiley: hope the difference is clear.

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Hi @mahdimor, Thanks for the clarity, but Actually we came to rasa because of security reasons. we are trying to create UI for RASA which will help users to play with rasa for creating agent, intents and entities and in backend we will create model based on front-end(UI) stuff. Please while you help in this stuff

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@mahdimor Hi all,

Any updates pls.

Hi @dpm I’m not really a security expert. but i don’t see what’s the problem just keep your rasa services on the backend on a VPN ,and use Flask ,django, or whatever framework you are familiar with to develop you services , and all the security concern will need to be dealt with at that level…