AI Assistants in Healthcare: An Open Source Starter Pack for Developers

(Alex Weidauer) #1

Hey Rasa Community,

We just open sourced Medicare Locator - an example AI assistant to help developers in healthcare with building their own:

Would love to hear your thoughts on it and also any cool use cases you’ve seen for AI assistants in healthcare!

(Romain Huber) #2

Hey ! I checked your repo to see which pipeline/policy you are using for this bot, and I’m wondering why you do not have a fallback policy in your core_config ? :thinking:

(Souvik Ghosh) #3

Hi Alex,

Looks awesome. I went through the tutorial and something that strike me is it seems that now you are enabling verticals using the rasa-stack where i see you are using the spacy en language model. Any chance that those embeddings are fine tuned to address the needs of a particular vertical domain?

Is it something you consider as a strategy towards other vertical domain so to release more fine-tuned custom embeddings or nlu classifiers ?

It could be interesting to release some vertical dialogues addressing the most common use-cases in the industry that can be then finetuned to a particular business specially from the perspective of rasa core because then most developers can already start off with something quick and continue working with it

(Srikar) #4

This is really interesting. We are actually working on something similar at our company. Helping customers to locate hospitals, pharmacies etc, provide users with definition of basic medical terms.