Agent API intermittently fails

Hello Community,

I am using rasa SDK 1.10.1. And I have created a new server using aiohttp because I need multiple models to be loaded and accessible through a single API. This was possible using the Agent API .

The problem is intermittently the return object is an empty list. Is there a way to get detailed logs for this API? I want to know if the NLU is failing or the Core is. The action server hasn’t recorded any errors. I am using await agent.handle_text("hello") as instructed in the docs. To load the model all I do is Agent.load(path_to_model,action_endpoint=action_server_endpoint)

Hi @sushrutt12 you can set the logging level using this function:

import logging
from rasa.utils.common import set_log_level


Hi @b-quachtran ,

Thanks for your reply. Adding that really didn’t help. Are you using a separate logger for this? nothing gets recorded in the logger.

@sushrutt12 What command are you using to start this process? It could be that python isn’t flushing (e.g. python - How to flush output of print function? - Stack Overflow), which is why nothing is appearing in the logs