Action is not working in Rasa core (rasa 3.6.19 & rasa-sdk 3.6.2))

Dear All, Currently I am developing one chatbot on rasa framework. I am using rasa 3.6.19 & rasa-sdk 3.6.2. I am having my own chatbot GUI which is calling rasa core through FastAPI. Currently my rasa core and action end point is running on same server (my laptop). When I am asking any question from my chatbot GUI, I am getting answer properly if detected intent is not having any custom action. but when detected intent is having any custom action then it is failing. Please find the error log as below

2024-03-09 01:06:38 [debug ] memoization.predict.actions tracker_states=[{}, {‘user’: {‘intent’: ‘stdcif_tab’}, ‘prev_action’: {‘action_name’: ‘action_listen’}}] 2024-03-09 01:06:38 [debug ] rule_policy.actions.find current_states= [state 1] user text: How many tabs are there in STDCIF | previous action name: action_listen 2024-03-09 01:06:38 [debug ] rule_policy.actions.find current_states= [state 1] user intent: stdcif_tab | previous action name: action_listen ERROR:rasa.core.processor:Encountered an exception while running action ‘action_stdcif_tab’.Bot will continue, but the actions events are lost. Please check the logs of your action server for more information. Traceback (most recent call last): File “C:\Peronal\PythonProject\chatbot_using_rasa\venv\lib\site-packages\rasa\core\”, line 982, in _run_action events = await File “C:\Peronal\PythonProject\chatbot_using_rasa\venv\lib\site-packages\rasa\core\actions\”, line 758, in run raise RasaException( rasa.shared.exceptions.RasaException: Failed to execute custom action ‘action_stdcif_tab’ because no endpoint is configured to run this custom action. Please take a look at the docs and set an endpoint configuration via the --endpoints flag. Custom Actions 2024-03-09 01:06:39 [debug ] processor.actions.policy_prediction prediction_events=[< object at 0x00000296B2E4D880>]

My action endpoint is up and endpoints.yml file is as below
action_endpoint: url: “http://localhost:5055/webhook” cors: “*” One observation- When I am asking same question from rasa shell instead of my own GUI then action is working but same action is not working when calling from my own chatbot GUI.

Can anyone help me on this…